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My First “NO FIRST OF SEPTEMBER” or Alice in OLDERland

The end of August. Still hot, but already some kind of autumnish air can be felt in the morning. People still enjoy their time with various summer activities. I also enjoy my summer days, and everything seems to go well until… until I VERY UNEXPECTEDLY find out that my junior friends are getting ready for the 1st of September!

Feeling that the 1st of September solely reminds me of the coming salary and the office staff meeting , I fell into my deepest depression.

No 1st of September this time? No new dresses for classes? No ice-creams at noisy Opera terraces after the first tiring lecture? No conversations about summer love stories? No crazy photocessions in front of the Uni building? No discussions about the first-year students and their clothes? No silly compositions on how I’d spent my summer vacations? No horror of falling in the group of the most fearful lecturers of the University? No disappointment with the first homework? No facebook photo albums entitled “And Again Classes”, “September 1, 2010, 2011, 2012…”, “September 1 and my classmates” or “Celebrating September 1” and the like?

NO! Something is wrong! Something must be out of order. The things have taken a wrong direction. What if the whole problem is in time? Maybe it has fastened its course without warning me? Or else, this time the hurrying September has jumped its turn in the queue of months?

But what if everything is in order, what if the whole problem lies in me? What if nothing and no one are to blame? What if, it’s my turn to become older? But…mmmm….or else….maybe…..perhaps ….

After several hours of self-torturing with all possible variants I had to look in the eyes of reality. Everything is in time’s hands, and, what is worse, there’s nothing wrong in it. Time just goes on, like it always have, like it does and will. And the 1st of September will always come and go, each time welcoming and seeing off new people, but no me((

As for me, I just have to take some of the all-mighty time to walk through all these changes. I need some time to congratulate others on the 1st of September with no envy. Just some time, to concede my place to others in the Opera terraces on the 1st of September. Time, to get out of the habit of buying a new shirt on the 31st of August. Time, to get used to light bags when leaving the house in the morning. And Time, to have a clear conscious when going to bed having done no home tasks.

P.S. Dear friends!!! Have a nice 1st of September😉



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Cousinhood Days

Every time, going back to my childhood days, a wide glowing smile appears on my face. Of, course I am not that old to feel as if it was a lifetime ago, not. It seems as if it was my yesterday’s day. But I really really really miss those days that were the most happy ones spent with my cousins!!!

Imagine three little, extremely active and energetic boygirls (me and my sisters), together with their four elder brothers had founded a band against GRANNY’s army (which, by the way, was not an easy enemy to take). Thus, the band consisted of 7 members. It was ruled by authoritarian regime, as the whole power was centered in King Arthur’s hands. None of his orders were being discussed, and no objections were accepted. However, the band was astonishingly united and was in peace and harmony as all of us had the same purpose: How to spoil Granny’s garden with no further results and side effects.

As a rule, the project of attack was being worked out by the monarch, ascertained and developed by Genius;-) (the right hand of the monarch),  and successfully realized by loyal soldiers, that were always being honored after a successful operation.

Our interest group held meetings twice a week, generally on Saturdays and Sundays at Granny’s house, the very locus delicti. Our meeting hall was the small shelter, under the big table, which we had covered with a bedspread. When the projects were not that serious and didn’t demand much effort, like overwatering the plants, running through the MARGS:))) or destroying the scarecrow to welcome the unwanted birds, we managed everything within a day. But when the projects were more evil-minded and consequently demanded more efforts and material we disposed two days to the operation.

Anyhow, our band was united not only during those operations. Everything we did, we did together. We were not only excellent fighters but also a very good company. I think our unity was the very weapon against our parents. None of them were able to destroy our team. That’s why it still exists. Of course, we have given end to our evil activities. They no more attract us. But our team still exists and will always! Love all of u!

P.S. To Arthur (His Majesty the Monarch), Arman (soldier), Arsen (Genius and soldier)), Ares (devoted soldier), Ani (soldier with charachter)))), Angela (junior soldier))) and me…..mmm…. (well…..just a junior soldier:D)


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Hi Everyone!!!

Hi everyone!!! I am Alice!!! Welcome to my personal blog;-) Enjoy your time in here and visit again and again!!! Feel free to leave your comments!!!


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