My Three Thank You Letters OR…

Alice in PASTland

Farewell my past! Now I look back at you and want to thank… To thank for teaching me the things I now know, giving the things I now possess…Want to thank for all the good and bad moments I had, for all the good and bad people I had in my life. All of them are now a part of me. Thank you for making me the person I am now. Thank you MY PAST for sculpturing me, for creating my PRESENT! For making today’s Alice…

Alice in PRESENTland

Hi my present! Now we live together, or to be more exact, now I live in you. I see and ponder over the things you show me, learn the things you teach me, love the things you gift me, overcome the obstacles you make for me, gain and lose the people you put on my way, feel love and pain, feel happy and sad, feel full and empty…Thank you for keeping me in you…Thanks for letting me be the person I want, the person I am, the person I long to be… the person Alice is now…

Alice in FUTUREland

Hellooo Future! How beautiful you look! Please, always stay the way you are, the way I see you, the way I imagine you…There’s soooo much you should start making for me. You are my tomorrow’s present, aren’t you? Open your doors, I am making my way to you. I have no fear towards you, just some kind of mystery that attracts me. You just wait…and Alice will wait too…

P.S. I wrote these three letters and was about to send them to the addressees, when I remembered that I didn’t have their contacts. So I decided to share them with you, with the people I am surrounded by, with the REAL addressees of my letters… YOU were my PAST, are my PRESENT and will be my FUTURE…..Thank you all…

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One response to “My Three Thank You Letters OR…

  1. Tatev

    Actually I’d like to say: no comments,,,, well, this is already a comment!
    I thank your Presentland for letting you be my friend 🙂

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