Talking to Snow or Alice in SnowLAND

Snow, please, come….  You’re so beautiful, so innocent, so calm, so white… I look at you and smile. You are just like a newborn baby: clear, angelic and beloved.  You feel my soul with calmness and joy. I look at you and feel so full. Your flakes fill my heart with a white symphony. Your look makes me want to live, just live…

Come snow!!! You come to save this dirty world, to cover its dust and rubbish, to fill our hearts with joy and pleasure, to inspire us, to give us hope, to make us better, kinder…

Hey snow, I look at you and think “You’re just like us, human beings”… You are white, clean, pure when new…Then your cleanness goes away, they spoil you, walk on you with dirty and muddy shoes, play with you, get tired of you, speak badly…In course of time you change your color, get dirty, lose the beauty you once owed. You melt in places… and freeze sometimes…They forget about you when it’s warm, miss u when it’s gloomy… Children always welcome you warmly. The child always feels the innocence…

Snow, you’re so alike to us…You come from the sky and return there… Snow, you’re too alike to us… Every time coming to the Earth you’re again white, clean, kind and sinless, just like a newborn baby…

Snow, please, come….

P.S. Let it snow…



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4 responses to “Talking to Snow or Alice in SnowLAND

  1. Ani

    Very innocent and honest post:) Good for you sister:-*

  2. Very positive, inspiring and true.

  3. Thanks for visiting my land and leaving your comments! It’s my pleasure to see you here!

  4. Kristine

    Very positive and magical,thanks to you, dear Alisa for the inspiration.

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