George and Me in Zooooooland!

to Georgi

The other day George and me had visited the Armenian zoo. It was a real adventure both for us and the animals 🙂

We bought tickets and entered the zoo area. We walked…..walked…..walked…..and walked a little more and were about to think that the zoo was desolate when some “nose caressing” muck smell greeted us warmly.

“We’re on the right way”,- assured George, and we continued our journey following the smell not to lose our way.

After a several-minute walk we finally found the animal cages. The first animals we saw were brown bears. There were four of them and they all looked very kind. I think it was one family with two parents and two kids. The kids were playing with each other, while the parents were looking at us with bored and tired eyes, as if saying: “Hey, why are you looking at us with such stupid smiles? We are bears, ordinary bears, nothing more”. So, hurt and totally ignored, we left the bears and went on to the next cage.

The next cage was populated with swans. They also didn’t show any interest towards our persons. Wanting to somehow have their attention we bought cookies and started to feed them. Suddenly all the swans swam to us and raised their long nice necks for a piece of cookie. Let me add that all the cages in the zoo had “DO NOT FEED” notices. However, when we asked the cookie seller whether we were allowed to feed them or not she said “Of course, you are allowed, my friends”. So we decided that the word of the seller was more powerful than some big notes in big red letters.

The next cage was the habitat of two huge angry tigers. They were very beautiful (as for George). For me it was hard to notice their beauty through all the dirt on them. They looked tired and extremely bored to me. Maybe they had even forgotten that they were tigers. Yes, the conditions had obviously killed the tiger instincts in these animals leaving solely the cat part in them.

Then we approached the area where the camels were living and intensively spitting. As for us, they were the funniest animals of the zoo. Their indifferent silly looks made us really happy. We did absolutely everything to drive them mad by imitating their spitting manners and making silly sounds. One of them really got angry and was about to spit on us, but we managed to run away laughing like two elvish children, having just done some devilry.

So, already in high spirits, we went to see the lions and spent the most part of our time in their company. The reason of our long visit was George’s decision of having a heart to heart conversation with the latters. Besides, he was not determined to leave the area until he witnessed a lion roar. Let me tell you that it’s not an easy thing to force a tired, sleepy and stubborn lion roar. However, the poor lion was unaware that we were even more stubborn. George started with pleasant compliments towards the wild creature asking him to show his teeth, afterwards, several minutes of “george-roar” followed, then he passed on to Mesrop Mashtots by reproducing the Armenian alphabet several times to find out on which sound the lion reacted. Mesrop Mashtots was also unhelpful in this. Then he again turned to “george-roar” method. This time I supported him with “alisa-cry-roar-laugh” sounds. I did my best to make the damn lion roar, and not because I wanted so much to see it, I was just eager to leave the lion zone:) In the end we decided to turn to the last possible variant of making the lions furious. We went several meters away from the cage, thoroughly concentrated and ran to them as fast as we could with all possible “george-alisa-roar-cry-shout-laugh” sounds. And what do you think??? One of the lions ROARED!!! YES! We did it!!! We won!!!

Very happy and satisfied with our victory against the king of the animals we then visited the fox, the scared and delicate deer, the ugly hyena, the funny raccoon, the pony horses, the sleeping Amazon crocodile, the lynx, the pride white tiger, the amazing peacocks, that didn’t even deign to open their tails even after a good portion of cookies, and the cage of the elephant. The elephant was already asleep, so we could just enjoy the elephant pictures on its habitat walls.

We didn’t have chance to see the rest of the animals, as some of them were already asleep and some others were inside the closed lodges because of the chilly and rainy weather.

P.S. I have done my best to introduce everything with humor, but, frankly speaking, it’s not funny at all. You should have seen the states of the poor animals. They shouldn’t be treated so inhumanly. They should be cleaned and fed properly and have bigger territories for living. If we want our children to go to the zoo and get to know to various animals we should make the best for these creatures. If our country is incapable of that, let us just manage without any zoo.



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2 responses to “George and Me in Zooooooland!

  1. Karine Kamoeva

    Alisa jan, es mera :))) Shat lav es grel :)). Indz naev shat uraxacrec ayn past@, vor du “george-roar”@ lsum es menak gazananocum!!! Apres, shat sahun es karucum mtqert 😉

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