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I’m Twenty – One

I am twenty – one! Doesn’t it sound great? It really does to me! They say it is the best age one experiences! This is the age when you are not that old and already not a child! This is the age to act.

This is the age I act! I am twenty-one! While conceiving this I feel like doing everything: these words charge me with energy! I am twenty-one: there is no time to relax, no time to get bored, to frown, to get disappointed, to hesitate, to retire.   

I am twenty -one! This is my time to live! This is my time to make steps, to get into the world, to claim my points, to establish my place on the Earth.

I am twenty-one! I am happy when the weather is gloomy and even happier when it’s sunny! I am twenty-one!  I can sleep only two hours a night and be full of energy for the whole day! I can eat ice-cream in winter and wear a scarf in summer. I am twenty-one, and the time is never enough for me! I am twenty-one. I can choose a profession and change it the next day!

I am twenty-one! I like studying at the University, but feel humiliated when I am notified about my home tasks. That’s Ok! I am twenty-one!

I am twenty-one! I am a bright example of a new generation. I hardly come to an agreement with my parents but am always eager to claim them MY points! I protect my generation and criticize the elders! I have that right! I am twenty-one! I like announcing about my being an ADULT! This is the word I never fail to forget. I am twenty-one! I am so fond of being an adult!

Above being an adult I love the fact of my independence! This is the subject over which I can argue with everyone! I can talk about it for hours without a single sign of withdrawal! I am twenty-one! Protecting my independence is a must!

I am twenty-one! This is my time to see and experience everything, my time to travel, to get acquainted with the world.

I am twenty-one. I like discussing politics, economics, psychology and other spheres I am actually unaware of. I like spicing my speech with terms like “modernization” and “globalization” and thus feel wiser. 

Indeed, I feel strong and wise! I get furious when called a child at home, University or at the workplace! I am not! I am already twenty-one!

I am twenty-one. I like being called “lady” instead of “girl”, “Madame” instead of “petite”, “Signorina” instead of “tipa” and “sweetheart” instead of “hey you”!

I am twenty-one! My mind is full of rolling thoughts and my heart is full of love!

I am twenty-one, and I that feels immense!


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