Just Like Birds…

Just_like_birdsTired of the city hustle and bustle she takes her steps towards her favorite park. It is one of those corners that lets her feel isolated from the city life, the dusty streets, the traffic horns and gloomy glances of the people. She sits on one of the benches next to the artificial waterfall and starts to listen to the nature. The birds are energetically discussing something. What are they singing about? Maybe they are singing of the beauty of the day…or maybe they are not singing but arguing…Do the birds argue? Do they have problems? Do they feel sad? Do they get angry with their family and friends? Maybe they do…Who knows?…Maybe their song is not as joyous as it sounds to us…Song is always beautiful…no matter whether it tells about joy or sorrow…

She too loves singing…it is one of the best ways to express all the emotions…She knows two ways of singing…with vocal cords and with hands…The only difference between these two ways is that when she writes, she never knows what the melody is going to be like. She hears the song only after having created it…

She hears human voices and immediately returns to reality…It’s already 2PM..time to go back to work…She leaves the bench and walks to work…On the way to work she meets people, some of them gloomy…some of them pushing the car horn buttons…some of them arguing and swearing…she does not criticize them….all of them have their own songs…by the way…do the birds criticize each other?…who knows?…maybe they do…

Photo (c) Omanthar


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