A Mouthful of Childhood

memories (1)That day she woke up with a strong wish to visit Granny, to ask her to prepare her favorite fried potatoes with chicken. It was Saturday, and she was glad she didn’t have to go to work. She could take her time and visit her favorite place, spend some relaxing hours under her favorite apricot trees, steal some strawberries far from Granny’s eyes and just enjoy Granny’s company.

On the way to Granny’s, she was recollecting all the years that had passed since she was a child, all the sweet and happy moments she had had in the Granny’s garden, all the jokes and arguments she had shared with her cousins, all the games she had played there. She was grateful she had such a wonderful childhood, felt family warmth and care.

Today she just wanted to glance over the old days and indulge herself with Granny’s crispy potatoes. It was not much, just some hours full of love and tasty food.

When the taxi stopped in front of the gates, she paid the driver and came out. She looked at the huge old mulberry and read No 51 on the wall next to the tree. She then noticed the heavy maroon curtains of the living room. From beneath the curtains she could see the tall bookshelf and her cousin’s desk. The TV was off; maybe her cousin was out. The door of the bedroom was open and she could see Granny, sitting in front of the icon praying. On her head one could see her delicate and a bit worn white kerchief. Granny was always wearing that while praying. When Granny lifted her hands, the sun threw shine on her golden wedding ring, which she had not taken out since Grandpa’s death. She then took out the kerchief and ordered her hair with her usual gesture…

Some noises could be heard from the kitchen. Maybe her aunt had already washed some strawberries and was cleaning potatoes for frying. “Hey, the mint juice is waiting for me”, she thought, feeling the caressing smell of mint.

She spent some more minutes in front of the Granny’s gates and then walked away slowly, leaving behind her the high modern building that was once her Granny’s place…

Photo © http://thegospelcoalition.org


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