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Into his eyes…

Look into your son’s eyes. Do not just look, get there in his glance and read his soul. There is so much to see and learn.

Don’t look for comfort and peace outside. Sink into your son’s eyes. Comfort is right there. Lie next to him, sing a lullaby, tell some story and look, just look. In no other place there is so much love and wisdom and care and kindness and love. He’s all love, made of love and giving love. Watch how he sleeps, how he awakes. Watch carefully how the sun shines in between his hair and stays on his cheek. Only this way you will notice the tiniest golden hair on his cheeks. One day it is going to become a manly beard. Watch how he is playing with his tongue, discovering his teeth. One day he will get used to them.

Look into your son’s eyes, and see how his look changes with every new thing learnt. See how his eyes shine with every new discovery.

Watch your son as carefully as HE watches you. Get to know his every little feature, like he knows yours. Just watch him. In no other place there is so much to learn. In no other place there is so much purity, so much energy, so much comfort…


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Alice in VintageLAND or Once Upon a Time in VERNISAJ

My special thanks to George and Konstantin for taking me to this incredible world 🙂

I’ve had a three-hour adventure at the miraculous land called Vernisaj today. Vernisaj is a bazaar in the center of our city. Every weekend sellers from all the parts of the country come to this place to sell EVERYTHING that can be BOUGHT! These, as a rule, are ancient handmade carpets, bags, paintings, ceramic pots and vases, books, animals, tools (from medical to mechanic), clothes, accessories, jewelry, national souvenirs  and so on and so forth. Thus, if you have no plans on your weekend, Vernisaj is the right place to visit.

The sellers of Vernisaj made a deep impression on me! The prodigious ambition of selling their goods gifts them with a divine ability of speaking any language that is needed. I am serious! Just try to look at something, and you are sentenced to acquire all the information referring to that definite product in several languages. Each buyer is individually approached. By saying individually, I mean INDIVIDUALLY! The same product can change its aim, price, age and features from language to language and from customer to customer.

The buyers of Vernisaj seem very patriotic judging from the goods they sell. However, their patriotism disappears the moment they see a TOURIST. I really don’t want to sound too sarcastic and rude, but they HUNT for the tourists. Their mood, their attitude, the expression of their eyes and even their posture changes when a tourist approaches their territory. They torture the poor foreigner by demonstrating every single item at the store. Sometimes, the only salvation from the remorseless sellers is buying something.

Some sellers happen to be more shifty than the others. They organize tiny shows for the customers. One such entertainer was a man demonstrating the unbelievable features of a glass cutting tool. This reminded me of an American TV SHOP (that sells knives called Miracle Blade), when you can’t help admiring the incredibility of the product you are NEVER going to buy.

Another funny and enjoyable thing about this piece of Heaven called Vernisaj is the bargaining process. There is an unwritten law to “ALWAYS BARGAIN! THE POSSIBILITY THAT YOU’LL SUCCEED IS RATHER BIG!” The prices in Vernisaj are very flexible. You just need to follow some rules to make a good purchase:

  1. When you like something, don’t show your admiration immediately. This reduces your chances of buying it at a low price.
  2. After knowing the price, make a surprised face. This is always relevant, as the first price is always high. The seller will immediately tell you the second price.
  3. Offer him your price; do not forget to stay adequate 🙂
  4. He will disagree and will tell you the third price, which, as a rule, will not differ much from the one you offered and will suit you.
  5. The product is yours 😉

If you are not planning to buy more products from that store, be quick to leave the place, once you get your purchase. Otherwise, you will be forced to learn what ELSE you could buy from the store.

As a lucky non-tourist I was able to stay in the shadow during my walk. It gave me the possibility to look around, enjoy the funny situations I witnessed, overhear the conversations of others and feel the colors and energy of my homeland.

P.S. I really liked this tiny land called Vernisaj and I really admired the energetic and ambitious “polyglots”. I wish them good luck in their business and I wish our Government provided better conditions for these people to work in. 

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Cousinhood Days

Every time, going back to my childhood days, a wide glowing smile appears on my face. Of, course I am not that old to feel as if it was a lifetime ago, not. It seems as if it was my yesterday’s day. But I really really really miss those days that were the most happy ones spent with my cousins!!!

Imagine three little, extremely active and energetic boygirls (me and my sisters), together with their four elder brothers had founded a band against GRANNY’s army (which, by the way, was not an easy enemy to take). Thus, the band consisted of 7 members. It was ruled by authoritarian regime, as the whole power was centered in King Arthur’s hands. None of his orders were being discussed, and no objections were accepted. However, the band was astonishingly united and was in peace and harmony as all of us had the same purpose: How to spoil Granny’s garden with no further results and side effects.

As a rule, the project of attack was being worked out by the monarch, ascertained and developed by Genius;-) (the right hand of the monarch),  and successfully realized by loyal soldiers, that were always being honored after a successful operation.

Our interest group held meetings twice a week, generally on Saturdays and Sundays at Granny’s house, the very locus delicti. Our meeting hall was the small shelter, under the big table, which we had covered with a bedspread. When the projects were not that serious and didn’t demand much effort, like overwatering the plants, running through the MARGS:))) or destroying the scarecrow to welcome the unwanted birds, we managed everything within a day. But when the projects were more evil-minded and consequently demanded more efforts and material we disposed two days to the operation.

Anyhow, our band was united not only during those operations. Everything we did, we did together. We were not only excellent fighters but also a very good company. I think our unity was the very weapon against our parents. None of them were able to destroy our team. That’s why it still exists. Of course, we have given end to our evil activities. They no more attract us. But our team still exists and will always! Love all of u!

P.S. To Arthur (His Majesty the Monarch), Arman (soldier), Arsen (Genius and soldier)), Ares (devoted soldier), Ani (soldier with charachter)))), Angela (junior soldier))) and me…..mmm…. (well…..just a junior soldier:D)


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